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Dropper Bottle


Courtland Apothecary became a family business in summer of 2023, when the Courtney sisters decided they wanted to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship with a skincare brand that was natural and beneficial for all skin types. Focusing on natural formulation, botanical recipes, and plant-based ingredients was a top priority. 

We are priding our brand on products that will look great in your home, and feel great in your hand, with ingredients that add positivity and balance to your lifestyle. We have formulated the absolute best recipes for our bodycare, and are now in the works to streamline our packaging, and begin to offer a gorgeous house-brand look, in packaging options that are eco-friendly and gentle on our planet. 

We are proud to offer products that do not have unnecessary amounts of added water. Liquid shampoos, conditioners, body washes, dish soap, lotion, and face cleansers that you can buy in big box stores and pharmacies, all have a substantial amount of water added. This results in you paying for a fairly large portion of WATER in your bodycare products. We have crafted some innovative products, in a sustainable and practical collection where the added water is removed, resulting in products that are pure and full in value. 

Offering products that are financially accessible, and of the highest quality, is what we have created. Our desire to achieve positive change has allowed us to grow into an incredible brand, that is not only good for you, but good for your very best you! Our skincare line & our home fragrance line focuses on natural fragrances and colourants, phthalate-free and paraben-free ingredients, and botanical additives that you can feel good about.


We strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a happy, healthy, & sustainable lifestyle. All of our products are artisanally created, crafted in small batches, and hand poured  in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we loved crafting them for you.

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